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It is crisp easy to read though the operation

However, the pricing will play an important role in the sales of this car.All in all the new A4 is a great overall package. The car we got was the 30 TFSI which employs a considerably smaller 1. The new DRLs look good and edgy. It is clearly focused towards people who want the controls in their own hands and it shows. It looks familiar without looking staid. The overall familiarity of the design is to keep the identity of the A4 intact, you cannot mistake it for any other car and it looks rather elegant in form. The scroller knob also doubles up as a touchpad for easy access to contact lists. Though the headroom is ample all around, taller driver (6’2 upwards) could feel restrained. And before we knew it we were well on our way to breach the speed limit.

The car looks bigger than it used to yet weighs 95kg less. The luxury quotient has gone up as well. Speaking of which, the tail lamps are new and redesigned as well and the fluid turn indicators have trickled down to the A4 as well.Start the car and wakes up in the most undramatic fashion.Aesthetically you'll notice that it doesn't look radically different from the current A4.The A4 has been one of the highest-selling models for Audi in India. The screen now measures 12.jpg The A4 has been one of the highest-selling models for Audi in India. There’s no dab of revs or drama, it's quite straight forward. But make no mistake that this is actually a brand new car.4-litre four cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. We being us, floored the throttle as we pulled out on an empty road just outside our hotel in Bhubaneshwar and the result was not what we expected. You can have the traditional tacho and speedo flanking the small info display or you can choose to give prominence to the vehicle information wherein the clocks retire to the bottom corners of each end.

Keep the tacho from crossing the 2,500rpm mark and the shifts will be relaxed and focused more towards fuel economy and comfort. It's like Audi has taken the perfectly good A4 and turned it up a notch. We expect it to be between Rs 35 to Rs 42 lakhs ex-showroom, Delhi. Also, it is one of the best displays you’ll come across in modern day luxury cars. The shifts are sharper and almost instantaneous, pull a paddle and the tacho needle starts to dance while the engine sings a brilliant note. But Audi has given eight shortcut buttons that you can assign to any function you like so you can have all your preferences at a touch of a button.Step inside the cabin and it feels different yet quite familiar. And you can be rest assured that it will be quite fuel-efficient as well. The acceleration is borderline undramatic but relentless. Put it into drive via the new rectangular gear lever and it takes off effortlessly. The brakes provide plenty of stopping power and great feel and are also fitted with the brake energy regeneration system.The A4, being a bestseller from Audi, clearly China shower niche Suppliers has to remain updated to retain that position.

The driver's perch is decently comfortable. But where the other three have specific focus areas, the A4 attempts to be a balancing act between comfort and spirited driving and succeeds to a certain extent. Though they do tend to look slightly out of place for they are now known to be more of a Japanese trademark than a European or more specifically a German one. There was a sense of urgency from the engine but there was no pushed-in-the-seat drama. There's ample back and side support but the squab could’ve been slightly longer. It rides well, is comfortable to be in and fun if not exhilarating to drive. There’s no doubt that the Audi will face stiff competition from the Mercedes C-Class, BMW 3-Series and Jaguar XE. It will also let you coast rather than let engine braking kick in when you take your foot off the throttle. It feels sharp and direct, the feedback though is still not at par with the competition which does tend to take away a bit of fun even if only slightly. It sits on 17-inch 5-spoke alloy wheels which add a bit of sporty character and the rubber is 225 section Hankook on all four sides. We were quite impressed with the first looks of the luxury sedan in Bhubaneswar and were excited to test it on the Indian roads. The steering too is well weighed at high speed and light at docile pace. The shifts are responsive and are in essence based on the heaviness of your right foot.

It might not sound like much but it does dish out 150PS of power and 250Nm of torque, impressed yet It is the same engine that is employed in numerous VW cars and frankly it was only a matter of time before it came to this segment. What we got instead was a linear and smooth delivery of torque right up to its powerband at 5,000rpm. The bigger potholes do make themselves heard but are rarely felt. It can sit at 120kmph on the highway with the needle barely breaking the 2,000rpm mark thanks to the overdrive seventh gear. It can seat four in comfort as the space in the cabin has increased but seating five is a challenge and the under thigh support also could have been better.com. But as far as in car technology goes, it is far ahead of its competition. There is soft feel plastic and leather all around and you also get wood inlays on the dash and door panels. Same is the story at the rear.Source: CarDekho.The suspension setup is on the stiffer side but yet the ride is pliant and forgiving.You can even choose the map as your central display to help you keep your eyes on the road.

It is crisp easy to read though the operation will take some time getting used to as the number of buttons have been reduced and scrolling through the options can prove to be a tad too distracting. audi0.1inch across and displays everything you might or might not need to know. And the new 7-speed STronic transmission complements the engine just as well. And the upped notch is more to do with technology than anything else. They flank the 3D grille which is in tune with Audi's new design philosophy.Put your foot down however and keep the needle in the peak torque band and the A4 responds accordingly. The traditional clocks have been replaced by a digital screen which allows you to choose between different display options. The shoulder line is quite prominent and runs all the way from the headlamp to the tail lamps.You never run out of power and neither do you run out of the torque. Also, finding the right driving position will take up a fair bit of setting up and once you do, do remember to save it in the memory. To the uninitiated it could even be passed as a face-lift.Then there’s the MMI system which has experienced some growth, literally
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